Sally Smothers (fat_sally) wrote,
Sally Smothers

Question #27


Dear fat sally,
I am a 15 year old yiddish folk singer. As much as I sing my deep and beautiful yiddish songs, people still laugh and tell me I suck. What should I do?

Dear Spencer,
Wail, I gots to tell you, that as much as I have lissened to music, I ain't never heard no Yiddish stuff. Howuver, if people seems t'be hootin' and hollerin' every time you play, you needs to look and see if maybe that's yer fault. Maybe you jest ain't practicin' enuff. Now, I suggest that you keep on playin', 'cause thar ain't nary a better substeetoot fer a good practice. Also, you needs t'talk to a preefessional Yiddish person so's you can see if yer doin' it right.

If they's jest laughin' at you, tell 'em to play it. See how well they does. Then they'll be the laughin' stock. It'd serve people right.
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