Sally Smothers (fat_sally) wrote,
Sally Smothers

Question #16


I have a problem finding wimmens my size (I'm three feet tall) who will appreciate my gherkin-like lovetool. Most of the wimmens i meat pick me up and try to use mah entire body as a dildo! I'm sick and tired of it but also I do not want to masturbate to amputee porn for the rest of my life. I want a sexual relationship as well as an emotional one.
Where is a good place to hook up with short honeys, four feet and under???? Thanxye, Fat Sally!

PS: I'd hit it if you were my height.

Hunny, ya need to visit that thur website fer Lil' People Of Amurica. They's haves convensuns fer people of yer stature. Now, it ain't gennly nice to jest hit on women, but if'n ya do, ya need to be gintlemenly 'bout it. Hurr is a website consurnin' good ettkit. Ratt hurr.
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