Sally Smothers (fat_sally) wrote,
Sally Smothers

Entry #3

I was on an' ah read this here story:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Amid ongoing legal battles, President Bush signed into law Monday a bill giving the Federal Trade Commission the authority to administer a new do-not-call registry -- a move opposed by telemarketers.

Wail, ah really like this cuz now ah won't get all these calls all the time when ah'm tryin' to watch mah soaps. That dadburn phone keeps aringin' all day!

Read this here next part...

"And, starting in January, telemarketers will not be able to block their phone numbers on outgoing calls, which will allow consumers to identify them using caller ID."

Maybe ah'll leave sum uvum to the list so's ah kin terrerize 'em. I'll tell 'em how much mah cooter's itchin' when they asks me hows ah'm doin'.
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