Sally Smothers (fat_sally) wrote,
Sally Smothers

Question #19


Dearest Fat Sally,
I added you to my buddylist on AIM but it seems you are never on. This makes me sad. :'(
On to my question though...I have TWO actually. One-What state do you live in? Just curiouse since you say your from the south...yes, well...on to my real question. I get made fun of in school because they say Im TOO fat, which I didnt think was possable. I dont have any friends because of it, and It just hurts. Fat people need love to, any suggestions?
-You rock-

Gally, Ah is sarry, but Ah only gits online to check mah emails and to update mah jernal and to werk on xtreme_vanity.

In answer to yore question, Ah lives in Tyler Texas. I gots a sister named Darlene whut lives in Louisville Kentucky. We called her Darlene 'cause she was the purty one.

And Ah thank it is hurble that you don't have no friends on account of yer weight... but don't let that let you fret none, 'cause Fat Sally didn't have no friends when she was growin' up! You gots ta make yer friends! If they doesn't like you, let them know that you don't give a rat's ass. If they makes a-fun of you, just tell them that God made you speshul.
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