Sally Smothers (fat_sally) wrote,
Sally Smothers

Question #22


Sally, my friend Wanda sangs reah good. She also a lot bigga then meh. i tryn eat mo an mo ta get big like her, cuz she got all da friends. even my bo' be lickin' up her mor n'meh. what shuld i do ta make my bo' lick up me mo and get me sum mo fiernds?

-Missy J

Wail, Missy J, Ah know Ah'm gonna hafta say that it don't matter if'n you is fat or if'n you is skinny. If you jest be yourself, you will has friends, but instead, you is tryin' to be somethin' you isn't! Your boyfriend most likely likes this girl 'cause she ain't afraid to be who she is.
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