Sally Smothers (fat_sally) wrote,
Sally Smothers

Question #25


Hi Sally I'm writing this for my friend, cuz she is shy and won't ask you herself.
She's had a crush on this guy for ages and she finally got togethe rwith him and he touched her boobies, and she feels used. What should she say to him?

thanks Sal, you're the greatest!

Stee (pn behalf of jooliet)

Wail, Stee, yore friend kin post eenonnomus, if'n she wants to. In my experience, people like that is jest lookin' for sex. Yore friend should leave that boy alone until she can find out more 'bout him. If she wants, she kin talk to him and ask him why he did it, but I do not believe, under the circumsicions, that he would be respectful.

Tell her I said, "Girl, I say to you find yo'self another man who treats you right! Don't go for the first thing that comes over and talks to you jest 'cause he's purty. Beauty comes from the inside and disrespect ain't purty at all."

Who is that thur in your icon? He's might purty.
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