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Fat Sally answers your questions.

Spill it, kid.

Sally Smothers
25 November
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Ah ain't that woman who done tried to save all them kids. I's much fatter. Mah name is Sally Smothers, but youse can call me Fat Sally.

If y'all wants to ask me a question, ah knows everthang. I kin see that dadburn future, and ah know everthing 'bout ya'll's past. And hello! I'm in the damn present here!

Ask your questions here, please.

Don't y'all be askin' me questions on no other posts, as ah won't answer them, and I'll jest get plum mad!

Look below to see mah fa-vo-rite meals!

[This is not real. If you're too stupid to realize that, you need to get an education. Please read the disclaimer.]